Anne Fenton
At Such and Such a Time
September 14 - October 22, 2016

At Such and Such a Time is a series of proposals for architectural structures, photographed with a large-format camera on instant film. The photographed forms are studies of a structure found in a neighborhood park. (On second look, it was actually a heavy blanket, stiff enough to stand on its own as a cavernous dome and become a dwelling.) The photographs are displayed on supports in the gallery: plywood planks and a marble slab that will later become a console in the artist’s home.

This exhibition takes as a model two sets of works by artist Isa Genzken: Fuck the Bauhaus/New Buildings for New York, 2002, an installation of architectural models and plinths made of found objects; and a series of cast-concrete and steel sculptures from the late ’80s that suggest architectural spaces.



Anne Fenton lives and works in Seattle. She is the 2013 recipient of the Brink Award at the Henry Art Gallery, former co-founder of Crawl Space artist-run gallery, and member of collective TARL. Fenton received a BFA in Photography from the University of Washington and attended the Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles. Her work has been shown recently at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle; Fourteen 30 Contemporary, Portland; the International Biennial of Graphic Design, Brno, Czech Republic; and the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle.

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