Jason Hirata
July 31st–August 24th

Opening Wednesday July 31st, 6-8pm

The posters on view at Veronica are made by a formula, which Levi Easterbrooks and Lucas Quigley helped me to devise and design. When I take part in an exhibition, we overlay the show's textual information onto a cropped vertical image which depicts the show's locale. This image comes from a postcard, which is usually procured with some help and consultation from the organizers presenting the exhibition. Each time the work is shown, it grows in number by adding a poster for the instance in which it is being shown. With Veronica's, there are five posters. Later this year, a sixth poster will be added featuring a pigeon looking down on New York City from a skyscraper.

Jason Hirata_Splash_Veronica
Distribution Matters_Jason Hirata_Veronica
Subsets_Jason Hirata_Veronica
25 OCTOBER, 2015_Jason Hirata_Veronica
Pelican_Jason Hirata_Veronica
Splash_Jason Hirata_Veronica